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Llangollen, Falls, Abbey, Castle Horseshoe

A horseshoe walk of the Llangollen area taking in a bit of the Canal to its source at Horseshoe Falls, the Abbey, the Escarpment and Castle Dinas Bran. A fairly easy walk with some uphill sections and excellent panoramic views.

Grid ref: SJ 222 430

Total distance: 15.22 km (9.5 mi)
Total time: 5:29:13
Moving time: 4:53:21
Average speed: 2.77 km/h (1.7 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 3.11 km/h (1.9 mi/h)
Max elevation: 364 m (1194 ft)
Min elevation: 129 m (422 ft)
Elevation gain: 566 m (1856 ft)

Weather: mild, overcast, sunny at times

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Capel Curig Ogwen Valley Horseshoe

Grid ref: SH 720 582

Total distance: 13.20 km (8.2 mi)
Total time: 5:10:22
Moving time: 4:53:07
Average speed: 2.55 km/h (1.6 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 2.70 km/h (1.7 mi/h)
Max elevation: 491 m (1610 ft)
Min elevation: 243 m (797 ft)
Elevation gain: 388 m (1272 ft)

Weather: mixed, sunshine showers, mild to cold, overcast and clear spells

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